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Writing Papers In The Biological Sciences Download (April-2022)




” Last lines of paragraph 5: “The AP® Biology: A Manual for Students” is available in print form from the Johns Hopkins AP Publishing Bookstore.” It is important to have the author's name as close to the first mention of the book. Check your manuscripts for typographical and grammatical errors and correct any needed changes. Include the item number of the AP Biology™ exam in the title of the exam and the name of the author. For graduate students who have earned or are earning a masters or PhD degree, the term “applicant” should be used. For other master's or doctoral degree graduates, it is not necessary to describe the name of their degree as a suffix after the word graduate. For example, the term applicant can be used to describe a masters degree graduate or a PhD degree graduate. The following can be used instead of “citation style.” “Citation styles.” Citations are generally formatted in APA style. Footnotes are usually formatted in APA style and should be numbered. APA formatting should be used for all citations. The first reference in a citation should be a capital letter. If the reference in the first sentence of a paragraph is to an earlier sentence in the paragraph, the citation should be preceded by the word “See” or “See also.” In the first sentence of a new paragraph, the word “See” is not necessary. Students should not include in their APA citations the name of the author, the book, the edition of the book, or the page number. If a reference citation is followed by a parenthetical, the citation should be between parentheses in APA format. For example, (Waring, 1986, p. 1). If the reference is within a parenthetical, APA format should be used, but the citation should be placed before the parenthetical. For example, (Waring, 1986, p. 1) (Waring, 1986, p. 1) The term “pp” should be used in place of “pages.” If the reference is in brackets, APA format should be used. For example, (Waring, 1986, pp. 1--2). When writing, students can make their own




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Writing Papers In The Biological Sciences Download (April-2022)

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