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5 Great Reasons for Choosing a Dental Staffing Agency

Dental Staffing Agency

In the ten-year period between 2014 and 2024 , employment in the dental field is expected to grow at an above-average rate. Dentist, dental hygienist, and dental assistant employment are expected to grow at a rate of 18 to 19 percent.

Job growth is a great thing, but when the industry is booming, it can be hard to sort through all the available employees to find the ones that are right for your practice.

A dental staffing agency is a great resource to turn to when you want to get the hiring process right. Read on to learn about the benefits and how working with a staffing agency can help you.

1. A Dental Staffing Agency Will Weed Out Unqualified Candidates

Thoroughly screening candidates is a comprehensive process. It takes time to review applications and conduct interviews and think carefully about which candidates are the most qualified. If you're also trying to run a busy dental practice, that's time you probably don't have.

When you work with our staffing agency, that interview process is the main focus of our work. By the time an employee gets to you, they have already passed a background check and had their qualifications verified. You can be confident in having that employee at your practice.

2. You Can Easily Increase Your Staff During Busy Periods

A dental staffing agency is most valuable when you have an immediate need to fill. During busy times, you may want a temporary staffing solution to help until things calm down.

Because of the sophisticated nature of dental work, temp staffing is not always easy to come by. That's why working with our agency can be such a relief. With a pool of qualified candidates to choose from, we can provide you with the staff you need when you need it.

3. It's Easy to Transition Temporary Workers to Permanent Positions

Our agency prides itself on providing our clients with the most talented and qualified dental employees. Because of that, we often find that our clients choose to keep on temporary workers for permanent positions.

It's important for that transition to be easy and simple for everyone so that patient care and office work remain consistent. With payment of a fee, the process is complete and your office can continue to run as efficiently as before.

4. You Are Never Liable for Staffing Agency Employees

When you work with our staffing agency to secure temporary employment, you're never liable for those employees even when they are on your office premises. If something unexpected were to happen or if they were to be injured on the job, our staffing agency owns the liability.

That can provide peace of mind when looking for temporary employment and help you feel more confident bringing a temporary employee into your office.

5. Temporary Employees Increase Productivity for Everyone

Handing off administrative work to employees who should be seeing patients can be frustrating for everyone. It slows the office down and has a negative impact on employee morale and patient care.

Working with our dental staffing agency can provide you with the relief you need for office administration and business assistants, so you're not having to rely on other employees for these tasks.

Ready to Hire the Best Staff for Your Office?

Patient care and office efficiency are two of the main goals for any dental practice.

Those goals are only accomplished when you're fully staffed with qualified employees.

For more information or to submit a staffing request, please contact us today.

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