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AOC’s FAQs for our future Dental Employees

Your most common Denver dental staffing questions answered:

Q. What does AOC stand for?

A. That's simple - Assistance On Call!

Q. How long as Assistance On Call been in business?

A. AOC was established in 1983. That's 40+ years and counting. We are the premier dental staffing company in Colorado.

Q. Are all positions "temporary?"

A. Yes, however, sometimes temporary positions in specific dental offices transition from temporary to "temp-to-perm" situations.

Q. May I set my own schedule if I choose to be a"temporary" employee?

A. Yes! That is one of the wonderful benefits of working temporary. You are in charge of determining your own schedule. You simply indicate the days, hours, and the locations that best fit with your lifestyle.

Q. Can I pick the days I want to work?

A. Yes.  With AOC you are in charge of your schedule.  You pick the days and hours you want to work.

Q. Is it possible to just “temp”?

A.Yes. Often times individuals contact us because they are ready to leave the dental field because they are feeling under appreciated or burned out.  When they join our staff, they are able to enjoy dentistry again.  With AOC, it is without all of the “politics” that accompany working permanently in an office.

Q. If I have a permanent job and my doctor takes time off, is it possible for me to work for AOC even though it would be for a short period of time?

A. Absolutely! We have many employees who temp for AOC when their primary office is closed. Once you are in the "AOC system", there is no need for you to re– interview! It's that simple.

Q. How many days a week can I expect to work?

A. Some of our employees work a full 4 or 5 day-a-week schedule. Others prefer 2 or 3 days. We do our utmost to conform our schedule to your request and work availability.

Q. What type of offices will I be sent to?

A. We schedule our AOC employees in dental offices that are known for high standards and strong ethics. Our offices reflect AOC's standards of excellence.

Q. If I schedule an interview with AOC where do I go?

A. AOC is located in a beautiful brick and mortar office, easily located in Lakewood, Colorado.

Q. When I arrive for my interview, is it a group interview?

A. AOC does NOT do group interviews. Every applicant is individually interviewed.

Q. Do I have to ask the dentist at the end of the day for payment of my services for the day?

A. Absolutely not! We protect you from that uncomfortable situation. Simply asked the dentist to sign your time slip and verify your hours. That's all you need to do!

Q. How am I paid if I work as a temporary?

A. Paychecks are issued every two weeks by AOC, a direct deposit is made directly to your account. You are an employee of Assistance On Call, Inc. and will be paid by AOC.

Q. Do you send me just one W2 at the end of the year or will I get W2s from all the doctors that you sent me to?

A. Just one. We make it simple for you! You will receive one W2 from AOC because you are our employee!

Q. If I am purchasing a home and need to have my income verified, how does that work?

A. Because you are an employee of AOC, your lender is welcome to contact us. We will complete the appropriate paperwork to aid in getting your income verified.

Q. If the dentist has not paid AOC, do I still get paid?

A. Absolutely! You will be sent a paycheck whether or not the dental office has paid us. AOC has a responsibility of collecting from the dentist, not you.

Q. How long does someone have to stay employed with AOC? 

A. You do not need to set a time frame when working with AOC. Short-term, long-term – what-ever works for you. You have an individualized schedule, personalized by you! (AOC has several employees who have been with us for over 35 years!)

Q. May I choose where I prefer to drive?

A. Yes. During the interview process, you will be asked what your distance preferences are. We will do our very best to keep you within the boundaries you request. From time to time you may be asked to drive a little farther than normal. This is the exception not the rule.

Q. What about day care? If I have children I need to pick them up by 6/pm, would that work?

A. We always take daycare into consideration. Please tell us your time limitations,  and we will always do our best to accommodate your specific needs.

Q. What would happen if I was injured on the job?

A. We have you covered! Literally! Because you are an employee of AOC, you will be covered under our Worker’s Compensation policy.

Q. May I select the offices I would like to return to?

A. Yes.  If you have preferred offices, we will do our best to have you return to those offices when possible.

Q.What if the office you send me to wants to hire me?  Do I have to pay a fee?

A. No! There is never a fee to you. The “temp to perm” fee is negotiated between the client and AOC.

Q. What if I do not like an office you send me to?

A. If for some reason it just does not “click” – of course you can request not to return to that office.

Q. May I work for other temporary services when employed by AOC?

A. No. When you are hired by AOC, it is an exclusive agreement. You are an employee of AOC. If you work for multiple staffing companies it complicates your taxes, paperwork, etc. Also, keeping to a schedule is of paramount importance for all parties concerned. If you work for more than one staffing company, this becomes nearly impossible.

Q. Do I need to sign a contract?

A. Yes. We provide an Employment Agreement that both you and the owner of AOC sign. This is an agreement that protects both you and AOC. It states, in writing, terms of payment, AOC's responsibility to calculate all required taxes, etc., and that you agreed to follow AOC's guidelines.



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