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Amazing company to work for. I was New to CO and wanted to hit the ground running with RDH work. I met With Shannon to interview and could tell from the first minute how nice and caring she was. She and her team that I work With daily have been a dream. I’ve temped before where companies did not have my back if placed in an office I was Uncomfortable with and Shannon and her team will never let you feel uncomfortable. They always go above and beyond. I hope To move back to CO one day so I can Work along side them again soon!!


"I have worked for Aoc since 1983. They are fantastic group of people. And watch out for us and send us only to high-quality places they’ve been great to me all these years." Tina

“While working with AOC-  I have gained invaluable knowledge about the dental industry. The standard to which you hold each employee and the professional attention to detail has made for wonderful working conditions; each office I had placement in provided the highest standard of care.  I believe in the amazing work you all are doing. Kaleigh” 

"I have been an employee of Assistance on Call, Inc. for about fifteen years and have worked in over a hundred different offices! A.O.C. has been serving the Denver metro area for almost forty years. This company is very seasoned at meeting the needs of each unique office and is also conscientious with how far and where they ask us to travel. I am usually within a reasonable radius of my home and matched up with a great office. If there is an office that I prefer not to go back to, it is notated in their system. Honestly, I would say that over the years, that number is less than five. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many great individuals over the years! It has been a great experience for me thus far which makes me want to continue to work hard for this company.....I know they will work hard for me!" Suzy,  

I’m now retired, so you can take me off the list, but I have to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you.  You sent me to some great offices.  I was really thankful I didn’t have to worry about withholdings because you took care of it for me.  What a headache otherwise! Vickie,  

"The most professional dental staffing agency in Colorado." Tiffany

"I've been an employee with AOC for over a year and they are amazing. Love the offices they send me to and they do all the paperwork for taxes. I feel very valued." A T,  

"I've been temping for AOC since June. They place you in great offices and they do all the background paperwork for you which is nice. Anytime I have an unexpected day off work I let them know and they are usually able to place me in an office. Great temp agency to work for!" Ali

"Temping for AOC for more than 30 years it has been a great experience!  Meeting many wonderful doctors and their staff members throughout the Denver area has been very rewarding.  I very much appreciate the professionalism and longevity of AOC – I feel I have been a highly valued team member for all of these years!"– Teri, Dental Business Assistant

"I have been an employee of AOC since 2006...nothing but the best people to work with and for...very professional and always there when you need them! The BEST top notch dental staffing company EVER!!"
– Mary C

"My experience working with AOC is wonderful! I get to use all my EDDA skills with amazing doctors in Pediatrics and General dentistry.  I have met so many great dentist, hygienists, as well as assistants and learned so much about different specialties. I love AOC! They are absolutely the best company to work for in Denver. The staff at AOC are efficient, patient, and organized in all aspects of finding all of us work close to home which makes it so convenient for all of us who work for AOC! I am so proud to say I work for AOC!

Team work makes the dream work!" 

– Gilda K. 

"I enjoy working for AOC because the staff is friendly, communication is easy, and I have had the opportunity to work at great offices."

– Eva P. 

"The benefits I get from working for AOC are so grand. I never have to ask permission for time off if I need to take care of personal things. The staff at AOC are always understanding and have been the most caring group of people that one could ever cross paths with. They're always supportive of all my life situations. I have been to some of the most awesome offices and I have seen some of the neatest state-of-the-art equipment, many different techniques, and learned new ideas."

– B.Ternes

"I would recommend AOC to anyone considering temping. Everyone on their staff is kind and very accommodating when it comes to scheduling! With AOC, I feel valued and respected!!!"

-Jennifer H. 

"AOC is one of the best working experience I've ever had. The staff is so friendly and personable! They always make sure their employees are taken care of and happy!"

– Chelsea N. 

AOC Reviews & Testimonials by Employees

"AOC has guided me as a Hygienist to make the best decisions for my future. Flexibility, competitive pay, and good management are what I enjoy about working for AOC".

– Kathryn K.

"I enjoy flexible hours and challenging myself with each new assignment. The dentist and staff are so appreciative of you being there".
– R.Hashimoto

"Working for AOC is rewarding and I am continually challenged and constantly building my education. I look forward to bringing in a little from each new office that I temp in".
– S. Bieker

"I have worked with AOC on and off for the last 14 years. All the staff is pleasant and professional. They will keep me as busy as I want to be. I never worry about the offices they send me to because they only work with the top notch dentists in town. I highly recommend working with AOC for temporary and temp to perm placement".

– Michelle B. 

"I have been an employee of AOC for many many years as an EDDA. The AOC staff is top-notch, professional,  caring of employees' needs. They cater very well to all dental offices with a great attitude of fulfilling their needs. One of the most polite and caring teams I know. I'm so proud to be on their staff". 

– Donna W.

Our Dental employees know that we are Denver's best dental staffing agency!
Read some of our reviews to see why:
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