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"The entire team at AOC take such great care of us when we have a staffing need! Whether it's planned coverage due to vacation or a short-notice need due to illness, they never let us down! Their staff (front office, hygienists, assistants) is top-notch & professional. Even our most discerning patients have nothing but compliments. We are grateful & have complete trust in AOC. You're the best! "Dr. Gillette

"My office has worked with AOC for over 30 years. They continually send top notch hygienists and assistants to help us out. They are always highly professional, accommodating and are a pleasure to work with. I will not use any other Temp agency, AOC is the BEST out there." Heather

"Gilda is one of the most professional and helpful assistants I have ever worked with in my 42 years of practice. Sharp, self motivated, organized, and efficient. I would like to review my March schedule and request her throughout my March needs if at all possible. Gilda said she was good with that as well. We seem to work so well together. Thank you for all your help."-Thomasson Dental

“It is a joy to have a professional staffing resource like AOC available to our practice and dental community.  They carefully listen to our requests for qualifications, take the administration of Worker’s Comp & payroll taxes away & ALWAYS answer our call promptly.  What more could you ask for?”

-T. Urbaniak


“I have worked with AOC for the entire duration of my current practice. The professionalism, reliability, and consistency from AOC is over the top. I don’t know what I would do without them. They do it right!  I give them my highest review and recommend them to anyone looking for quality.”

– Dr. H. Richardson

“A new Denver temp agency starts up every two years or so. Try them at your own risk. You will be disappointed more times than not. AOC hires the cream of the crop for their people. AOC has high ethical standards and has been there for me over 25 years. They are hands above all the others.”  

– Dr. L. Hutchinson



“For over 25 years AOC has been there for us. AOC has kept our office running smoothly through the late night calls, the extra early morning calls, and all our staffing emergencies. Always reliable, professional and prompt, AOC covered our short term needs, our long term needs, vacations and unexpected circumstances”

– Dr. Vanicek & Dr. Brantes

“Assistance On Call has always been there for us. They go out of their way to give us the best service possible. The staff at AOC is always friendly and very efficient.”

–  C. Horvat (Office Manager)

AOC Reviews & Testimonials from Doctors

“Thank you so much for all the help you have been in keeping our practice going the last three months! We were so pleased by everyone you sent our way. We appreciate all you did for us.”

– Dr. C. Miller

 “For over 35 years I have been using AOC’s hygienists as my “own” full-time staff. In this time, I have never had to cancel a patient due to a sick hygienist! AOC also freed me up to focus on my practice by taking care of all the ’employer’ related issues…”

– S. Jackson D.D.S.

“You know what I like about AOC? The response time. You can call any time knowing the response time is immediate!  You could not ask for a better team at AOC to handle all your staffing needs. They provide quality technicians to accommodate any position with the person who suits your office best. I would not use anyone else.”

– L. Cook (Office Manager)

Dental offices know that we are Denver's best dental staffing agency!
Read some of our reviews to see why:
Dental Employment Agency Reviews


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