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5 Ways Dental Recruitment Services Minimize Risk in Your Staffing Search

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Hiring the right staff for your dental office is often harder than building up your patient load. Even one bad employee can wreak havoc on your practice.

A recruitment services company offers many benefits. For instance, they can save you a significant amount of time and effort, while giving you a quick way to replace an employee that is not a good fit.

Using a staffing company as a middleman reduces your risks in many ways. Read on as we discuss five examples.

1. Reduces Your Chance of Hiring the Wrong Staff Member

Sometimes you can interview someone and feel as though you've found the perfect candidate to manage your dental practice. You hire them and then realize four weeks later they must have embellished their skills and experience during the interview.

When you use an seasoned dental staffing service, you find people who are willing to work temp to hire. That means if they don't work out, you can replace them immediately.

Best of all, there are little to no consequences if you need to replace someone. It's just a matter of picking up the phone and letting the recruitment company handle everything. Working with a service that has a 24/7 live person available to help you is an added bonus.

2. A System is in Place for Finding Great Candidates

Fraud and embezzlement are common occurrences at dental practices. Many patients pay in cash. Cash is easy for an unscrupulous employee to put in their pocket without telling you and it can disappear without a trace.

Recruitment services do background checks that many dental practices don't have the time for or often simply forget to do themselves. Background checks coupled with an extensive interview process, and reference and license verification are vital processes that an experienced service will handle. Additionally, they'll keep records of your preferences. As you can see, there's a process that recruitment services have in place for hiring great candidates.

Staffing companies also know exactly where to look to find the best talent. Many dentists erroneously believe they'll find a great employee using Craigslist or through an ad on the Internet, which doesn’t always end well. A dentist's specialty is on how to treat patients, not on how to hire employees.

3. They Understand Legal and Compliance Issues

Many dentists don't fully understand legal and compliance issues when it comes to hiring and firing employees. Some may try to cut costs by hiring independent contractors versus employees.

What you don't know can hurt you, both legally and monetarily. Staffing services make sure you're in compliance with local, state, and federal tax laws and handle all necessary paperwork.

Since each employee is sent to you as an employee of the staffing agency, they handle all required taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, and benefits. Typically, registered dental hygienists are required to carry their own liability insurance policy.

Additionally, a staffing agency will provide full coverage if injury occurs on the job, offer full unemployment protection, and ensure all employees are OSHA and, CPR certified.

Be smart by working with a staffing company who understands the law and is in full compliance with it. They'll make sure you are too.

4. Helps to Eliminate Layoffs

While it would be great if employees could stay forever, sometimes that's not possible. All businesses have ebbs and flows.

Sometimes, layoffs need to happen because your patient load isn't as large as you'd like it to be. Other times, you're so slammed that if you don't get the help you need immediately, you stand to lose those patients.

A staffing company can help you when times are lean and when things are going great. You'll always be able to rely on having the exact number of staff you need at any given time.

5. Extra Staffing is Available as Needed

Having the right number of staff available isn't just a matter of experiencing good times and bad within your practice.

Sometimes an employee gets sick, has an emergency, experiences burnout or goes on maternity leave.

When you work with a recruitment company, you'll always be able to replace an employee for as long as you need to.

Find the Right Dental Employees Today

Assistance on Call has been in the dental staffing business since 1983. We were formed after our founder, Barb Sumner, worked in a dental practice herself.

She realized there had to be a better way to find qualified personnel, so she set out to do it herself. We know what it means to build a great dental practice.

Don't take our word for it. Check out the testimonials from dentists, and employee's or contact us to learn more.

Assistance On Call, Inc., (AOC) is Colorado's premier dental temp agency. AOC assists the professional dental community from Denver (Metro) and surrounding suburbs, Parker and Aurora (East), Evergreen (West), Monument, Colorado Springs (South) and Fort Collins (North). Whether your dental staffing needs are temporary or temp to perm, our team of highly knowledgeable staffing coordinators will assist you with all of your staffing requirements.

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